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Dear Abel & Sofi: A Terrified Introvert Struggles With Sales

Hi Joanna,

I’m an introvert too and I started a consulting business a few months ago. I’m struggling with these same issues you are having. I am currently using the networking technique that many have talked about in their responses to you, but it’s not easy. It’s WAY outside my comfort zone. I still do it though (pretending to be somewhat of an extrovert), It’s definitely easier than a cold call which is my worst nightmare.

With networking, you are building relationships and friendships. You also want to provide value and help to others first, before trying to get their business. Whatever your specialty is…just ask them to meet for a coffee, ask a lot of questions (so they do the talking), and take notes so they feel valued and know you are listening. Rephrase their answers back at them to make sure you are understanding them correctly which will create a magnetic bond. They love that! It shows you care. Try to connect them with someone else you have met through networking that could help them and provide further value to them.

Anyway, the point I want to make is that you may be introverted, but you still may be an awesome coach/consultant with highly valuable skills and information. Your lack of salesmanship due to the introverted nature should not prevent you from providing value in the form of coaching/consulting.

What you need to do, as I have had to do, is to create the right message, for the right audience, and create an irresistible offer to go with it, so that you can ATTRACT (keyword) the ideal prospects to yourself so you don’t have to go and hunt them. When I realized that, I changed directions and I am starting to put systems in place to ATTRACT my ideal clients.

I would be more than happy to get on a Zoom call with you to talk further and share what I am doing to help you out. (Do you see what I just did…offered you value to attract you to the next step with me…I’m pointing that out to you…BUT this is a REAL OFFER…I will really get on a Zoom call with you to share strategies that might help you and to learn more about your business to see if I can be of further help paid or not). We are called to help others, especially in the coaching/consulting/ advising world. Others need us! Think about that when you talk to them. You are valuable to them. What you have to say is valuable to them. You are there to solve their problems and they will love you for that. We both need to stop focusing on the cold call and sale and go after the relationship.

You want to attract them to you, build a relationship (called relationship selling), provide value, then that relationship and value will lead to the sale (you still have to ask for the business-sale-no way around that. But by the time you have to ask them, they will be ready to say yes to your offer).

I hope that helps a little…let me know if you would like to jump on a zoom call to discuss more strategies I am using to ATTRACT clients to me instead of going out to hunt them down.

Jon Kapity

Perpetual Customer Growth
Founder of the LinkedIn “7 Figure Message Maker” network
for small business owners and solopreneurs.

What problems does your service/product solve? How are you impacting current clients and potential prospects?

We completely solve marketing for your business. We build a marketing fortress around your business (castle) to create a perpetual flow of customers, clients, and patients into your business. We do this in 3 simple steps: providing you with foundation in your message, implementing a formula for perpetual growth, and opening the floodgates of cash flow through long term growth positioned marketing strategies. Once the system is installed in front of your business you will experience peace of mind, reduced stress, the roller coaster will stop, you won’t fear market changes, you will have more time on your hands to enjoy life, your family, hobbies, and travel.

What is the ONE secret ingredient that makes you ‘unique’ in your industry?

Idea Generation. I have an unexplainable gift for coming up with creative ideas and strategic moves in business. I didn’t have to learn it, or earn it, it just came natural. I use that keen insight to my advantage when “I help speakers, authors, and business owners create a clear, concise, and compelling message, along with an irresistible offer to create a perpetual flow of customers and clients into their business.” Getting your message right, then adding an irresistible offer is the key to doubling or tripling your business. That’s not all you need. Just like driving…you are not going anywhere without the key…but just because you have a key doesn’t mean you can drive. In business you also have to present the offer and close the deal when your message and irresistible offer brings the customers and clients in your door. Then you have to be able to manage the money coming in so that you can repeat this process over and over. Message, irresistible offer, presentation, close the sale, manage the money, scale and repeat… again and again. As you do this you throw in testimonials and case studies of all the people you have helped along the way, in order to elevate your expert status with the new leads that are coming in from your irresistible offer. It all starts with the right message and an irresistible offer. Example: today I closed a deal. I stated my message at a networking group this morning to the whole group–I had 7 seconds to do it. After the group I met someone that had attended the group and I asked to meet with him later that afternoon. He was intrigued by my 7 second message. When I was in the presentation with him later that afternoon, I said very little, I asked a lot of clarifying questions, and listened intently to his desires, goals, and his fears. What did I learn? He had lost a lot of his marketing dollars to ineffective marketing campaigns where he received no return for his efforts. I was presenting a new marketing solution just as several other businesses had. Because the other solutions failed he was very fearful of trying another one again, resorting to word of mouth and networking events, and just one source through the mail. So I presented an irresistible offer…a free trial. 3 months free to see if it works. Yes, you read that right…not one week, not one month…but 3 full months to see if his business starts to grow and he gets results. To put the cherry on top I said…You don’t even have to give me your credit card info…this is actually a 100% free, no obligation trial. That was HIS irresistible offer. He signed up for the trial. Of course it’s going to work and provide him with business, because I have a proven system and model. So I know that 3 months from now I am going to have a very dedicated client who will stay with me for a long time because I have earned his trust. Not only that, he was so excited he gave me two referrals on the spot! That’s what the correct message and the right irresistible offer can do for you in your business

How do you deal with competition In your industry?

Get Your message right, get your offer right, get your target right, and the competition doesn’t matter. Let them do their thing. Friend them, and be bold enough to support them when you can, when you are not the best fit for a particular customer of client. Your both in business fighting the good fight together. Dominate your specialty and let them dominate theirs. Most often there is plenty of room for both of you.