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I’m A Certified Geek
I am a certified Geek... Yesterday was a blessing. I had the opportunity to eat out  with my favorite mentors[...]
One Thing Versus Multiple Streams of Income
One Thing Versus Multiple Streams of Income… This is a long post. Grab something to sip on and get ready to[...]
Dear Abel & Sofi: A Terrified Introvert Struggles With Sales
Hi Joanna, I'm an introvert too and I started a consulting business a few months ago. I'm struggling with these same[...]
What problems does your service/product solve? How are you impacting current clients and potential prospects?
We completely solve marketing for your business. We build a marketing fortress around your business (castle) to create a perpetual[...]
What is the ONE secret ingredient that makes you ‘unique’ in your industry?
Idea Generation. I have an unexplainable gift for coming up with creative ideas and strategic moves in business. I didn't[...]
How do you deal with competition In your industry?
Get Your message right, get your offer right, get your target right, and the competition doesn’t matter. Let them do[...]