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Small Business Owner, Small Business Owner, Small Business Owner! You are not Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Coke, or Disney. Their branding strategies will not work for you unless your pockets contain billions of dollars. We must operate with a different strategy that levels the playing field for our size. There are three areas we must focus on in our small service-based businesses. Audience Mapping: defining our target audience. Perfect Message: develop the correct messaging for your target audience. Magnetic Offers: Assessment of your current assets.

There are three key aspects that give you a Branding edge in the marketplace.

Audience Mapping

Arguably the biggest factor in generating a branding edge...the "Who." You have to know who you are selling to, where to find them, and how to attract them.

Perfect Message

The second biggest factor in generating a branding edge is who you are. Define who you are, develop what you will say, then create messages that will attract.

Magnetic Offers

The final factor in generating a branding edge in is an assessment of your assets. Mine for the gold, then repackage your products and services uniquely. 

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Below, you will find articles that I will be publishing to help you determine the right audience,
develop your perfect message, and create irresistible offers in your marketplace. 

Branding Strategies for Service-Focused SBOs

Branding Secrets for Service-Based SBOs.

Secret No. 1: You are not Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Coke, or Disney. Do not play their game. They have billions to play with to test branding ideas and win the branding game. You and I have hundreds, thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, but we are in a different game. Our investments must be watched, accounted for, and bring an ROI (return on investment) or we might not eat this month.

Secret No. 2: Know your numbers! For Example, what is the lifetime value of your customers, based on the services you currently provide. No guessing! Look at your documentation, put together some real numbers. 

Example, in one of my businesses, Jon Kapity Guitar Academy, the lifetime value of a guitar student (on average) was 18 months. My monthly rate for a Guitar30 student is $120/month x 18 months = $2160. Now that I know how much a student is worth to me, I need to decide how much I am willing to spend to acquire that student. $10, $50, $100, $1000? The more I can spend to acquire a new student, the more I can dominate my market/niche. 

Secret No. 3: In order to brand your business, the most important question you need to ask yourself is this, "Who is our best customer/client?" You cannot be for someone, develop a service for them, etc. if you do not know "WHO" they are. 

At Perpetual Customer Growth, we developed what we call the I.R.G. (Internal Revenue Generator). It's a step-by-step roadmap for Service-Focused business owners. Three stages, three steps in each stage, from point A to point B. It all begins with "Who."

Now that You Know "Who" We Have to Decide "What and Why"

Secret No. 4: Branding for Service-Focused small business owners (SBO's) is all about the "What." What are you all about? What makes you unique? How do you stand out from everyone else in your marketplace? 


Secret No. 5: Combine the "What" with a "Why." Why should I do business with you? Why don't I just call three of your competitors and get the best price? Why don't I just watch a quick ten to fifteen YouTube videos and do it myself, "Why" do I need you?

Secret No. 6: Give yourself a mathematical advantage. Combine the "Who" with the "What" and add the "Why" for three times the power in your marketplace. 

Ninja Branding Secrets for Service-Based SBOs.

Secret No. 7: "Perception is King." There is nothing in between. Perception, not reality, is reality. What someone perceives to be real, is in fact real, within their mind. That becomes their own reality. You are selling to someones perception of you, your company, and your services.

Secret No. 8: "Perception Branding" is about creating a perception in your prospect's mind. Don't leave this to chance, be proactive. Everything you put online should be there to help your prospects perceive you in the light that gives you the best possible chance for a sale. 

Secret No. 9: "Perception Branding" is not only online, it's EVERYTHING you do offline as well. Are you well groomed and well dressed? Do you provide timely services? Is your office/shop/ store/vehicle/appearance clean and neat? Are you nice/courteous? Are you empathetic? Do you ask a lot of questions? Do you listen well and display examples of your listening skills? 

Nine essential branding secrets were just revealed to you. Have you thought these things out previously, or is this new territory for you? The Perpetual Customer Growth I.R.G. (Internal Revenue Generator) System was developed by a Small Business Owner for Small Business Owners.

The first four steps in the system are dedicated to branding your Service-Focused Small Business (I classify a Small Business as anything under $5 Mil). Here is the Ultimate Magic Formula for Service-Focused Small Business Owners:

Audience Mapping + Perfect Message + Magnetic Offer + Perception Branding =

Perpetual Customer Growth

Are you ready to discover the I.R.G. (Internal Revenue Generator)?

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