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I’m A Certified Geek

I am a certified Geek…🤓

Yesterday was a blessing. I had the opportunity to eat out 🍽 with my favorite mentors in Kenosha, WI at Mason’s Restaurant.

Then I took a nice drive🚙 to Racine, WI toward Barnes & Noble bookstore and was happy to find that it was open.

I was on a mission to find two books that I wanted to purchase, both by Donald Miller, “Building A Storybrand” and “Marketing Made Simple.”📖

Just because I’m a marketer and I help Small Business Owners market themselves, doesn’t mean I stop studying marketing. The opposite is true in fact, I study marketing the most out of every topic including taking continuous courses, classes, webinars, reading books, listening to audiobooks, etc.

I hadn’t been in any store besides a grocery store, Sam’s Club, Target, or Walmart in several months.

When I walked into the Barnes & Noble bookstore…the smell of the bookstore had such a pleasing aroma that I believe Dopamine was instantly released into my body.🤩

That’s how much of a geek I am. It actually gave me a natural high, lol. 🧐

I think I could have stayed there for hours, but like I said, I was on a mission, and I had a business to get back to.

I began to get worried when I could not find what I was seeking. Alas, at the very end of the entire business row, second shelf down, I found one copy of each book that I was looking for.

I may have gotten a surge of dopamine release again upon finding the exact two books I was looking for! Lol. Natural high magnified. 🤩

To really drive home the fact of how much of a geek I truly am, I had headphones on and was listening to an audiobook called the “One Thing” by Gary Keller, while I was looking for the books by Donald Miller.

Nerd alert, Nerd alert, lol! 🤓

Why tell you about all of this?

Because I love what I do. I am extremely passionate about marketing, sales, and small business success, especially for Christian Small Business Owners.

I am a Christian Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur. It’s my mission in this life to help other Christian Small Business Owners to survive and thrive in their businesses. If I can help you survive and thrive in your business, then you are reaching the front lines for the kingdom, which is my ultimate mission.

So what have we created to help you survive and thrive in your business?

We’ve taken our course, DRUM ROLL PLEASE…the “Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System,” formerly sold for $9467, and decided to give that information for free in our Facebook Group: Community Connections Customers. 🏆 👏

Why? We noticed business owners buying our course and not implementing the information. If the information is not implemented into the business, there will be no change and no success in that business. That’s not good for you and it does not make us look good either.

We have a systematic process that we believe very strongly in. This process, upon implementation, can double your annual business revenue, and much more beyond that. But only, if you take action and implement the information correctly.

We can hear you asking the question…So, if you give your course away for free, that was formally $10k, in this group for us, then how do you make money?

We make money if you are the type of person who would like us to come alongside you and help you to implement the information from the “Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System” into your business. 🤝

If you are a disciplined self motivated action taker, all you need is this Free Facebook Group “Community Connections Customers” to win in business and easily double your revenue. 💰

If you are the type of person that typically needs a bit of motivation, and would like help to take action and implement revenue producing information into your business, then the “Revenue Accelerator Membership Program” is exactly what you need. 💯  👏



For less than $3.25 per day, this live coaching program is affordable for every small business owner, no matter the circumstance.

If you had to, you could make a deep sacrifice and cancel cable for a short period of time, (Oh, did he say that…yes, I think he did, he said it, cancel cable?) in order to double the revenue in your business.

Simply canceling cable (or putting cable on hold) makes this program affordable. You could also consider cutting back on coffee, donuts, or eating out to afford this program easily.

It’s a matter of your priorities. How bad do you want to succeed? What are you willing to sacrifice in the short term to succeed in business? 🥇

We understand where you are, because we have been there too.

It is a horrible feeling to finally find coaches or consultants that you know could help you in your business and then not be able to afford to hire them. We have been there too.

When you are just starting out, or trying to survive in business, there’s not much revenue available. That makes finding a small business coach or consultant that can help you, nearly impossible (aside from going into debt).

Keith and I are changing that for you, and small business owners like you. We are upsetting the industry.

We are going to do what every coach, consultant, and mentor of ours told us not to do.

Every one of our coaches, consultants, and mentors, said we cannot do live coaching at such a low investment point. In fact, they wanted our coaching program to be anywhere from $3k-$50k. Yes, no joke, one Coach told us we could easily charge $50k for this program and the results it produces. 😲 (the same program you are now getting for free starting next week).

The good news for you, is that now you know the value of our program. It’s somewhere between $3k to $50k or more. What would doubling your revenue look like for you? Well, if you’re just starting out, 0×0 is still zero, so if you make some money on the program you’re doing pretty good. If you’re just barely surviving, what does that look like? What is double for you? If you’re making $3k/month, then doubling it looks like $6k/month. If you’re making $10k/month, doubling it looks like $20k/month for you.

To achieve those results, you just have to show up, and we recommend becoming a Revenue Accelerator to get our LIVE COACHING for less than $3.25 Per day.

At under $100/month, this live coaching membership program can fit inside any budget, even when you’re broke. We know, because we have paid far more than that when we were broke ourselves to get the help we needed. Our hearts 💕 will not let us do that to you. We wanted to create for you what we were seeking for ourselves.

So what do you do from here?

SHOW UP! Engage in the group. That’s all you have to do to get the “Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System,” a $10k course, for free, delivered in biweekly Facebook Lives. 🏆 👏

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Then, we highly recommend joining the “Revenue Accelerator Membership Program” where you will receive LIVE GROUP COACHING following up the training in the free group. Actual Live Coaching to help you get you from where you at currently, point A, to where you wanna go, point B, with a proven step by step system. 🎊

Get the answers you need for less than $3.25 per day (As of June 11th, 2020, subject to change). You will also hear our Live Coaching for other Revenue Accelerator Members. The value of this is priceless. You will learn a tremendous amount by hearing solutions for others that can then be implemented in your own business. Never underestimate the power of listening to Live Coaching for other business owners in addition to yourself.

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This is Jon and this post has been super fun. Keith and I have been working hard behind the scenes to make all of this possible for you guys. You can tell by now that I really love the water. I live close to Lake Michigan where I take most of my pictures.

Well, I have two books calling out my name, so I am about to head out to learn something of value for your business.

Before I go, I want to tell you something interesting. I’ve actually listened to both of these books through Amazon’s Audible. I’ve listened to the Storybrand a couple times and Marketing Made Simple one and a half times before I bought the actual bound copies. These are books that I am ready to study on a deeper level because I see the value for your business and for my business.

➡️ If you are wondering what a Storybrand Website is and would like to see one,➡️ then say in the comments “I Wanna See” and I will send you our website URL, and a clients website URL, both designed by Keith and I. Just comment on this post “I Wanna See.”

This is Keith and Jon, we are Christian Small Business Consultants and Digital Marketers. We live and breathe this stuff so that you don’t have to.

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One Thing Versus Multiple Streams of Income

One Thing Versus Multiple Streams of Income…

This is a long post. Grab something to sip on ☕️🍷and get ready to learn several Golden Business Nuggets sprinkled all throughout this post.

One Thing Versus Multiple Streams of Income…

Why Just One Thing?

The ongoing debate for years and years has been about focusing on one thing versus establishing multiple streams of income through multiple opportunities.

Until six years ago I always focused on just one thing and that one thing produced results and grew.

Six years ago through my studies, reading books, courses, coaches, gurus, etc.; somewhere along the line, I bought into multiple streams of income through multiple business channels.

Part of it probably came from my childhood. My father had a remodeling and handyman business which had multiple divisions within the company. He was constantly expanding and adding new services and divisions within the company.

I’m going to mention five keywords again. “Multiple divisions within ONE company.”

So, first let’s state that multiple divisions in one company, is different than multiple companies bringing in multiple streams of income.

When I was running my business, Jon Kapity Guitar Academy, only providing guitar lessons for my students, things were growing fast continuously. At my peak, I was up to 50 students and charging anywhere from $50 to $75 an hour.

That’s in an area where the rates are typically half as much, because I live in a lower income area.

The power of focus and intention is incredible. The business grew year over year, but I reached the point where there’s only one of me, and I only had a few options. In order to grow, I either had to hire contractors to fulfill lessons, bringing in more students, or move to an online teaching program. I chose to move to an online program for the leverage and savings on overhead.

I didn’t want to deal with overhead, nor did I want to manage people, or open a teaching facility.

Now pay attention, because there are lessons here.

I was still operating within the same company, however, I was doing two very different things. I discovered that running an online business is not anything like running a physical brick n’ mortar business.

So while I was still working within the same company, it was almost as if I was running two different companies. There was so much I didn’t know and so much I had to learn. Every time I thought I had learned everything to manage an online business, there was 10 more steps I needed to learn to go live online with my training program.

So listen close here, lean in, now I’m giving lessons to 50 students which took me approximately 60 hours per week including lesson preparations, and on the side I’m building an online venture which takes another 30 to 40 hours a week.

Do the math on those hours. Ninety to one hundred hours per week! Yikes! 😧

One of them had to start giving in order to reduce the number of hours I was working. Check out what happened.

I lost 18 students in March 2018 for various reasons, not bad teaching or service. Reasons like students moving out of town, students finishing high school, normal churn (drop off rate), and some really young students giving up due to difficulty.

At this point, I still had no online traction. I was still building the online program. I had three partners, two local, and one in Sweden. I was building out an online system and course, but there was no revenue coming in.

In Addition, revenue was dropping in Jon Kapity Guitar Academy. In the past, that wouldn’t have been a big deal. Why? Because I would’ve had marketing systems in place, Facebook ads running, I would have been connected to groups, and word-of-mouth momentum operating efficiently. All of those things were suffering on the back burner because I was building online systems.

Bottom line. I had stopped marketing Jon Kapity Guitar Academy.

👉 Get this through your head right now. NEVER stop marketing! It can never stop. Marketing is the machine that drives the business. Marketing leads to sales which leads to success in business. 👈

When you cut off marketing, you’ve cut the head off your business. So what did I do?

I painfully told all my partners that I had to stop pursuing the online venture, because I didn’t have the revenue to support it anymore.

Then I sat down to draw out on paper a new marketing system, that could eventually be automated. One that would work around the clock, 24/7 to protect my business. A fortress around my business, so that this never, ever, happened again.

Over the past 20 years I’ve run three of my own businesses and I was the VP of my fathers $2 million home maintenance and remodeling company.

When I sat back and looked at the marketing plan that I had established on paper in front of me, I was blown blown away. I thought, if only I had this back when I started my businesses. This plan is the key, it’s the answer. This plan will build a fortress of marketing protection around any small business.

I call these occasional moments in life, “the downloads.” Moments of wisdom that couldn’t have possibly come from my mind alone. I like to think of these moments as coming directly from God. That’s where my faith lies.

It’s like God uses your life experiences along with all the knowledge and wisdom you’ve accumulated up to this point, to give you the answers you had been seeking all at once, in a single download. I call this “the download.” All I have to do is to take a few minutes and write it all down.

Keep in mind what I am saying. I had spent the past 23 years studying Marketing, Sales, and small business, through books, videos, courses, hired coaches, programs, etc., before I received the download. You have to invest to receive. You have to take action to get results.

So I’m sitting there, staring at the page before me, a page that contains this brilliant marketing plan, and I’m thinking I have two choices.

One, I can go back and rebuild my Guitar Academy, grab another 18 students and get back on track again. With plan one, there’s no way to scale unless I get more students, instructors, and possibly a facility, which was not desirable to me. We know where the online road took me, so that didn’t feel like a good option either.

Or two, I could take this brilliant plan that was laid out before me, that was far superior to my own personal wisdom, and go help Christian Small Business Owners. I could help them to survive and thrive in their businesses. That’s the option I chose. That is when Perpetual Customer Growth was born. 🎉 👏

I’d love to sit back and reminisce with you about all the great things that have happened since I launched Perpetual Customer Growth. All the success stories, how great things went when I launched, etc. Unfortunately, that’s not the journey this path led me on. So let’s talk about what really happened and gain some wisdom together.

I decided to keep what was left of Jon Kapity Guitar Academy as a part time business in order to keep revenue coming in. I believe I had around 28 students at the time.

With Perpetual Customer Growth, I decided to do both consulting and digital marketing, like building websites, social media plans, Google My Business enhancements, etc.

I had to launch on a shoestring budget, so the best avenue seemed to be networking. With networking, I could go to tons of networking events and meet up with business owners, set up meetings, and so forth. I believed, virtually for free. Maybe you’re smarter than me, but did you know how much it cost to do free networking (Lol)? I sure didn’t.

First, there’s your time, and time is priceless, because it cannot be replaced. Then, there’s travel, gas, and wear and tear on your vehicle. Typically the meet ups or networking events are at coffee shops or restaurants. So, typically, you have to support the local business that is hosting the meeting by buying something in order to attend the networking event, so there’s cost for drinks and/or food.

Then there’s the networking groups at hosted locations, namely Chambers of Commerce, that require you to have a chamber membership. Sometimes any Chamber Membership will do, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the one hosting the networking event.

Are you aware of how much it cost to be part of a chamber? 😲 Typically to be a part of just one Chamber is about $300/year. Now I knew, that if I really wanted to produce results from networking, I should probably be a part of five different chambers. That’s like $1500! That’s not so free anymore.

I settled on joining one, which was slightly over $300 I believe, and I started attending networking events. So many networking events…easily 3 to 5 per week. In addition, this wasn’t easy for me. I’m very much an introvert. It is not easy or natural for me to be an extrovert, go meet a bunch of people, and be a conversation starter. It’s just not my thing. So, now we can add the cost of antacids to the equation as well, lol. 🤢 😂

I started noticing a funny thing upon examining all my hard efforts. Efforts I was sure would launch my business. Those efforts were not bringing in revenue. I was getting appointments. Those appointments always sounded promising. Ultimately though, at almost every appointment, the other business owner was also trying to sell me on their own services. 🤔

We would talk about partnering up in business, referring each other, etc. 🤝

I don’t believe I ever got one referral from all the networking relationships I had forged during that time. 🙁 I discovered that people are out for themselves, to grow their own businesses, which I totally understand. Let’s be honest, that’s exactly what I was trying to do as well.

Also, what we typically don’t understand about networking, that we learn when we start doing it, is that you’re not going to find buyers at networking events.

It does vary depending on the type of business you own, along with your services and products…but typically you’re not going to find buyers attending networking events. You’re not going there to sell, you’re going there to build long term relationships that lead you to potential buyers down the road.

You’re investing all this money, into a dream, that maybe one day, you’ll build a relationship strong enough, with someone you met at a networking event, who will care enough about you, to take time out of their business, their personal life, their hobbies, and their interests, to actually remember you, think about you, think who could benefit from your services and/or products, and then refer you to a whole bunch of people, that might potentially have an interest in doing business with you (Yes, that was one ridiculously long run on sentence, in order to make a point). 😂 🤣

Now, I’m not sure what the definition of stupid is…but that’s got to be pretty close. 😅

My gut feeling, and my personal experience, of a little over one year of participating in this networking system, is that this is a long-term strategy. This is a three to five year investment minimum, to build the right relationships, that will lead you to the right connections, that may bring new revenue into your doors. When you’re running a bootstrap marketing campaign, you DO NOT have the money to invest in this model.

Now again, there are a few businesses that this model may be the best option. But the majority of us do not have the time or financial means to invest in this three to five year strategy. If you do not have a high ticket offer, I’m talking $3k-$50k offer, that converts well, or a low ticket offer that appeals to everyone (like coffee/food), than this is not the right marketing strategy for you. It wasn’t for me either, even with a higher ticket offer back then of $1500 and above.

In saying that, I can tell you that I pushed harder than most at the meetings and events I attended. And sure, I made a little bit of money, I closed a few deals, I made enough to just about recoup my investment costs. But that’s it.

The problem is that I’m married with four kids and simply recouping costs is not enough money. We needed thousands more to simply survive

So now I’m running Jon Kapity Guitar Academy part time, which is still 30 to 35 hours a week, and I’m running my new business Perpetual Customer Growth that isn’t producing beyond what I’m investing into it.

Along comes another deal, another business that looks like it could be the bridge from a low tier product, that would lead into the high ticket offers.

I thought I struck gold. So I bought in. I bought two territories and started a third business called Celebrate Community. I viewed it as the bridge to Perpetual Customer Growth.

You see, it was during this time that I had been listening to coaches, gurus, and consultants, about this multiple streams of income idea. How you should never give up something that is providing an income stream, in order to build something else for yourself. This idea that you need multiple streams of income, investments, multiple businesses, etc.

I bought into that idea. Now I was running three different businesses, and I thought I was going to rock them (make a lot of money).

Little did I know the storm that was coming trying to manage three different business ventures at once. ⛈

I wouldn’t recommend this plan to anyone, not to my friends, not to my family members, not even to my enemies, or competitors (well maybe my competitors 🤣).

This is simply put, “A Bad Dumb Stupid Strategy.” I believe I may have just invented a new phrase. That’s what it is, it’s “A Bad Dumb Stupid Strategy.” ⇠😂

Do you know that there has been extensive research done on multitasking? Now, if we just had to make some stereo typical statements about multitasking, I would say hands-down, women are better at multitasking. There is something wired in their brains that fires quicker and faster that allows them to be able to pivot back-and-forth between tasks, at a significantly faster rate, typically, than men.

🛑 Did you hear what I said though❓

I didn’t say they were doing things at exactly the same time. I said that their mental fire power allowed them to pivot between things at a more rapid rate, providing the illusion that they were actually multitasking.

Did you know that the idea of multitasking came from computers? Multitasking is when a computer, that’s programmed by a singularly focused human, moves so fast between tasks that it has the appearance of multi-tasking.

What we call multitasking, is simply pivoting between things at a very rapid rate. This provides the illusion that the individual was multitasking. It is scientifically proven, that our minds can only focus on one thing at a time. So, when you multitask (or pivot between tasks at a rapid rate), you’re reducing the functioning power you could be operating with.

How is that? Because you’re pivoting so rapidly that you cannot possibly give 100% focus to what you’re doing at any given time.

Now listen up close, because your results are 100% dependent on 100% of your focus. Read that again…your results are 100% dependent on 100% of your focus. 💯

If your results are 100% dependent on your focus, then what’s happening when you multitask? Correct, you’re not producing the results that you could be producing. This is what was happening to me as I focused on three different businesses simultaneously.

If you divide up 100% by three, that’s about 33.34%. Those are not good odds. Running a business takes 100% focus, and if I’m only giving 33.34% of my best, then that’s “A Bad Dumb Stupid Plan.”

At this point, I don’t even want to tell the rest of the story. At this point, I’ll give you tidbits. Students declined at Jon Kapity Guitar Academy. Why? Marketing wasn’t in place to recover the new business. That was on purpose, because I was beginning to phase out the business in order to focus more attention on Perpetual Customer Growth.

Celebrate Community just couldn’t take off. I’d sell a few clients here and there, but it’s a type of a product where you need 30 to 50 clients right out of the gate to really excel at the operation. So, without staff helping me, it just never got off the ground. While I was consumed trying to get Celebrate Community off the ground, less hours were being rationed to Perpetual Customer Growth.

Do you see the cycle?

Do you see the hamster wheel I was stuck in?

I hope you are learning something right now. This is a very important lesson for Small Business Owners.

This was all just “A Bad Dumb Stupid Mess.” 😂

As I begin to realize the “Bad Dumb Stupid Mess,” I began to focus and turn my attention toward Perpetual Customer Growth. I knew that if I could find a way to eliminate the other businesses, and focus on just this one, that it would become successful.

As business owners, it’s so hard to let go. This was especially true for Jon Kapity Guitar Academy, eight years in the making. I’m well known in the community, I have lots of connections, and it’s music, a very personal skillset, which is very near and dear to my heart. Talk about one of the hardest decisions in my life.

What I chose to do with Jon Kapity Guitar Academy, is to stop marketing completely, and let fate happen, if you will.

A funny thing happens when you choose to direct your attention and focus towards the one thing that matters most. Revenues increase immediately. 👈 👈 👈 💰

I started immediately selling websites and consulting work as soon as my focus was in the right place. Unfortunately, damage was done, and there were repercussions from the way I was operating with three different businesses.

This is not the position you want to be in. Then, along comes the economy which actually gave me a little boost. I was forced to close down two of the businesses when Covid showed up, and the economy closed its doors.

That’ll direct you real quick. Now I only had one business to focus on, Perpetual Customer Growth. 🧐

The amount of change Perpetual Customer Growth has gone through, has been nothing short of phenomenal. We (I partnered up with another business owner named Keith) pivoted quickly and efficiently. This was made possible because of 100% focus. 💯

We spent many hours reviewing clientele, who we were selling too, to really hone in on the target audience. We reviewed what we were selling, what the results were, and so forth, in order to improve everything rapidly.

We spent a couple months improving the entire system and our products. 🏆

Upon review, we noticed an underlying theme that kept presenting itself when clients buy information. Many don’t act on it, don’t implement it, and then they don’t get results. If they don’t get results, they’re not happy, and we don’t look good either.

Our system has been proven, it’s reliable, it has stood the test of time. We are not inventors of new information, you can view us as curators of information.

Thousands of hours and dollars invested in on our own coaches and consultants, piecing together a system that would provide a fortress of marketing protection for any small business.

Our system is the nuts and bolts of any business. These steps simply have to be done in order to build a truly successful business. All successful small business owners take these steps to achieve success.

I’m Going to take you back to something I said earlier about multiple streams of income. I said those streams needed to live within the business not without. They have to be aligned with the overarching goal and mission of the small business. One business, multiple marketing streams supporting the structure.

Just a side note. If you have staff, managers, vp’s, directors, sales personnel, etc. Running multiple businesses, real estate investments, opportunities, etc., can, and probably should, be done. This is not the picture of our target audience though So, I assume that most of you reading this are in a similar boat to our situation.

What you want to do is to create a system in your business that all works in synergy together, that will provide multiple sources of income and revenue coming into that one business.

When you learn to do this, as we have done, you will truly find traction and success in your business. 🥇 This all goes back to focus…

One thing, One platform (media), One offer, One Audience, One year.

Keith and I have refined and refined and brought our business all the way down to one thing, one entry point.

If you can put your focus on one thing, one platform (media source), one audience, for one year…now you have something in place that can grow. Now you have 100% focus moving in the right direction.

As a Christian Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur, I can say from experience, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my business life. If you are like me, you are a visionary and your mind can easily go 20 different directions at once seeing opportunities everywhere before you. 🔍

I want to share something that I’ve learned in this process. Just because you pick one thing, one platform (media source), and one audience to focus on, does not mean you’re confined to that one thing. It means you have chosen what you’re going to put 100% focus towards.

It’s like the gateway. The entry point for your clients and customers to come in and get to know you in order to build a relationship with them. Then you naturally lead them to more of your products and services that can provide solutions for them in their businesses, family, or their personal life.

I’m going to pull back the curtains and be open, sharing with you what that looks like for us in our business. We told you we would pull back the curtains for you in this community. So here’s what this looks like for us:

Our one thing is Perpetual Customer Growth Consulting Services. Our Facebook Group, Community Connections Customers, is the platform (media) we have chosen. Our Facebook Group is a free entry point for our future clients to enter our world, get to know us, and to learn the value of working with us.

How do we get people here? We took a former product that we charged roughly $10k for ($9467 to be exact) and we’ve chosen to give it to you for free in this group. 👏

Our task was to create an irresistible offer that would motivate a Small Business Owner to enter our world. Your offer may not need to be this intense, it depends on your industry, products, audience, and so forth. We are in a tough and overpopulated market currently. Therefore we went with an extremely irresistible offer.

Our one audience is Christian Small Business Owners. Small Business Owners is too broad. We debated on going into different segments of small business owners, but when we looked at our past and who we sold most too, along with who our best clients were, the overwhelming majority were Christian Small Business Owners like ourselves. So that’s how we chose our target market.

We also looked deeper into our mission, our why. For us, it’s to reach people on the front lines for Christ, so they can develop a relationship with Him and God the Father. We were formerly operating in a one to one model. We started looking at the bigger picture and thought about the idea of leverage. How could we leverage our work to accomplish a greater mission on the frontlines. 📖

For us, we decided to serve Christian Small Business Owners. They are operating on the front lines. If we could help Christian Small Business Owners, like yourself, survive and thrive on the frontlines, we would ultimately be serving more people on the frontlines through those businesses. Our mission would be fulfilled through our chosen audience. 📖

The next step was to take everything we had done to this point and convert it towards the one thing and our one offer, attracting our best potential customers into our free Facebook Group “Community Connections Customers.”

By Giving away our free $10k course the “Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System,” we could lead them to the next step, our Live Coaching Membership Program, where we help them take action to implement our system into their business.

➡️ For all of you that have read through to this point (and for those of you that have skipped to this point, yes I see you), here’s the point of this entire post:

👉 One thing, one platform (media), one offer, one audience, one year.

A mentor of mine gave me this formula a while back. His name is Barry Schimmel. He was right! One Thing, One Media, One Audience, One Year with 100% focus.

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Dear Abel & Sofi: A Terrified Introvert Struggles With Sales

Hi Joanna,

I’m an introvert too and I started a consulting business a few months ago. I’m struggling with these same issues you are having. I am currently using the networking technique that many have talked about in their responses to you, but it’s not easy. It’s WAY outside my comfort zone. I still do it though (pretending to be somewhat of an extrovert), It’s definitely easier than a cold call which is my worst nightmare.

With networking, you are building relationships and friendships. You also want to provide value and help to others first, before trying to get their business. Whatever your specialty is…just ask them to meet for a coffee, ask a lot of questions (so they do the talking), and take notes so they feel valued and know you are listening. Rephrase their answers back at them to make sure you are understanding them correctly which will create a magnetic bond. They love that! It shows you care. Try to connect them with someone else you have met through networking that could help them and provide further value to them.

Anyway, the point I want to make is that you may be introverted, but you still may be an awesome coach/consultant with highly valuable skills and information. Your lack of salesmanship due to the introverted nature should not prevent you from providing value in the form of coaching/consulting.

What you need to do, as I have had to do, is to create the right message, for the right audience, and create an irresistible offer to go with it, so that you can ATTRACT (keyword) the ideal prospects to yourself so you don’t have to go and hunt them. When I realized that, I changed directions and I am starting to put systems in place to ATTRACT my ideal clients.

I would be more than happy to get on a Zoom call with you to talk further and share what I am doing to help you out. (Do you see what I just did…offered you value to attract you to the next step with me…I’m pointing that out to you…BUT this is a REAL OFFER…I will really get on a Zoom call with you to share strategies that might help you and to learn more about your business to see if I can be of further help paid or not). We are called to help others, especially in the coaching/consulting/ advising world. Others need us! Think about that when you talk to them. You are valuable to them. What you have to say is valuable to them. You are there to solve their problems and they will love you for that. We both need to stop focusing on the cold call and sale and go after the relationship.

You want to attract them to you, build a relationship (called relationship selling), provide value, then that relationship and value will lead to the sale (you still have to ask for the business-sale-no way around that. But by the time you have to ask them, they will be ready to say yes to your offer).

I hope that helps a little…let me know if you would like to jump on a zoom call to discuss more strategies I am using to ATTRACT clients to me instead of going out to hunt them down.

Jon Kapity

Perpetual Customer Growth
Founder of the LinkedIn “7 Figure Message Maker” network
for small business owners and solopreneurs.

What problems does your service/product solve? How are you impacting current clients and potential prospects?

We completely solve marketing for your business. We build a marketing fortress around your business (castle) to create a perpetual flow of customers, clients, and patients into your business. We do this in 3 simple steps: providing you with foundation in your message, implementing a formula for perpetual growth, and opening the floodgates of cash flow through long term growth positioned marketing strategies. Once the system is installed in front of your business you will experience peace of mind, reduced stress, the roller coaster will stop, you won’t fear market changes, you will have more time on your hands to enjoy life, your family, hobbies, and travel.

What is the ONE secret ingredient that makes you ‘unique’ in your industry?

Idea Generation. I have an unexplainable gift for coming up with creative ideas and strategic moves in business. I didn’t have to learn it, or earn it, it just came natural. I use that keen insight to my advantage when “I help speakers, authors, and business owners create a clear, concise, and compelling message, along with an irresistible offer to create a perpetual flow of customers and clients into their business.” Getting your message right, then adding an irresistible offer is the key to doubling or tripling your business. That’s not all you need. Just like driving…you are not going anywhere without the key…but just because you have a key doesn’t mean you can drive. In business you also have to present the offer and close the deal when your message and irresistible offer brings the customers and clients in your door. Then you have to be able to manage the money coming in so that you can repeat this process over and over. Message, irresistible offer, presentation, close the sale, manage the money, scale and repeat… again and again. As you do this you throw in testimonials and case studies of all the people you have helped along the way, in order to elevate your expert status with the new leads that are coming in from your irresistible offer. It all starts with the right message and an irresistible offer. Example: today I closed a deal. I stated my message at a networking group this morning to the whole group–I had 7 seconds to do it. After the group I met someone that had attended the group and I asked to meet with him later that afternoon. He was intrigued by my 7 second message. When I was in the presentation with him later that afternoon, I said very little, I asked a lot of clarifying questions, and listened intently to his desires, goals, and his fears. What did I learn? He had lost a lot of his marketing dollars to ineffective marketing campaigns where he received no return for his efforts. I was presenting a new marketing solution just as several other businesses had. Because the other solutions failed he was very fearful of trying another one again, resorting to word of mouth and networking events, and just one source through the mail. So I presented an irresistible offer…a free trial. 3 months free to see if it works. Yes, you read that right…not one week, not one month…but 3 full months to see if his business starts to grow and he gets results. To put the cherry on top I said…You don’t even have to give me your credit card info…this is actually a 100% free, no obligation trial. That was HIS irresistible offer. He signed up for the trial. Of course it’s going to work and provide him with business, because I have a proven system and model. So I know that 3 months from now I am going to have a very dedicated client who will stay with me for a long time because I have earned his trust. Not only that, he was so excited he gave me two referrals on the spot! That’s what the correct message and the right irresistible offer can do for you in your business

How do you deal with competition In your industry?

Get Your message right, get your offer right, get your target right, and the competition doesn’t matter. Let them do their thing. Friend them, and be bold enough to support them when you can, when you are not the best fit for a particular customer of client. Your both in business fighting the good fight together. Dominate your specialty and let them dominate theirs. Most often there is plenty of room for both of you.

What’s your single BEST method to WOW a customer?

What’s your single BEST method to WOW a customer?

Ask questions, listen, seek clarification, listen, be a friend, listen, express empathy, listen, be present in the moment, listen, be their friend.