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I’m A Certified Geek

I am a certified Geek…🤓

Yesterday was a blessing. I had the opportunity to eat out 🍽 with my favorite mentors in Kenosha, WI at Mason’s Restaurant.

Then I took a nice drive🚙 to Racine, WI toward Barnes & Noble bookstore and was happy to find that it was open.

I was on a mission to find two books that I wanted to purchase, both by Donald Miller, “Building A Storybrand” and “Marketing Made Simple.”📖

Just because I’m a marketer and I help Small Business Owners market themselves, doesn’t mean I stop studying marketing. The opposite is true in fact, I study marketing the most out of every topic including taking continuous courses, classes, webinars, reading books, listening to audiobooks, etc.

I hadn’t been in any store besides a grocery store, Sam’s Club, Target, or Walmart in several months.

When I walked into the Barnes & Noble bookstore…the smell of the bookstore had such a pleasing aroma that I believe Dopamine was instantly released into my body.🤩

That’s how much of a geek I am. It actually gave me a natural high, lol. 🧐

I think I could have stayed there for hours, but like I said, I was on a mission, and I had a business to get back to.

I began to get worried when I could not find what I was seeking. Alas, at the very end of the entire business row, second shelf down, I found one copy of each book that I was looking for.

I may have gotten a surge of dopamine release again upon finding the exact two books I was looking for! Lol. Natural high magnified. 🤩

To really drive home the fact of how much of a geek I truly am, I had headphones on and was listening to an audiobook called the “One Thing” by Gary Keller, while I was looking for the books by Donald Miller.

Nerd alert, Nerd alert, lol! 🤓

Why tell you about all of this?

Because I love what I do. I am extremely passionate about marketing, sales, and small business success, especially for Christian Small Business Owners.

I am a Christian Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur. It’s my mission in this life to help other Christian Small Business Owners to survive and thrive in their businesses. If I can help you survive and thrive in your business, then you are reaching the front lines for the kingdom, which is my ultimate mission.

So what have we created to help you survive and thrive in your business?

We’ve taken our course, DRUM ROLL PLEASE…the “Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System,” formerly sold for $9467, and decided to give that information for free in our Facebook Group: Community Connections Customers. 🏆 👏

Why? We noticed business owners buying our course and not implementing the information. If the information is not implemented into the business, there will be no change and no success in that business. That’s not good for you and it does not make us look good either.

We have a systematic process that we believe very strongly in. This process, upon implementation, can double your annual business revenue, and much more beyond that. But only, if you take action and implement the information correctly.

We can hear you asking the question…So, if you give your course away for free, that was formally $10k, in this group for us, then how do you make money?

We make money if you are the type of person who would like us to come alongside you and help you to implement the information from the “Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System” into your business. 🤝

If you are a disciplined self motivated action taker, all you need is this Free Facebook Group “Community Connections Customers” to win in business and easily double your revenue. 💰

If you are the type of person that typically needs a bit of motivation, and would like help to take action and implement revenue producing information into your business, then the “Revenue Accelerator Membership Program” is exactly what you need. 💯  👏



For less than $3.25 per day, this live coaching program is affordable for every small business owner, no matter the circumstance.

If you had to, you could make a deep sacrifice and cancel cable for a short period of time, (Oh, did he say that…yes, I think he did, he said it, cancel cable?) in order to double the revenue in your business.

Simply canceling cable (or putting cable on hold) makes this program affordable. You could also consider cutting back on coffee, donuts, or eating out to afford this program easily.

It’s a matter of your priorities. How bad do you want to succeed? What are you willing to sacrifice in the short term to succeed in business? 🥇

We understand where you are, because we have been there too.

It is a horrible feeling to finally find coaches or consultants that you know could help you in your business and then not be able to afford to hire them. We have been there too.

When you are just starting out, or trying to survive in business, there’s not much revenue available. That makes finding a small business coach or consultant that can help you, nearly impossible (aside from going into debt).

Keith and I are changing that for you, and small business owners like you. We are upsetting the industry.

We are going to do what every coach, consultant, and mentor of ours told us not to do.

Every one of our coaches, consultants, and mentors, said we cannot do live coaching at such a low investment point. In fact, they wanted our coaching program to be anywhere from $3k-$50k. Yes, no joke, one Coach told us we could easily charge $50k for this program and the results it produces. 😲 (the same program you are now getting for free starting next week).

The good news for you, is that now you know the value of our program. It’s somewhere between $3k to $50k or more. What would doubling your revenue look like for you? Well, if you’re just starting out, 0×0 is still zero, so if you make some money on the program you’re doing pretty good. If you’re just barely surviving, what does that look like? What is double for you? If you’re making $3k/month, then doubling it looks like $6k/month. If you’re making $10k/month, doubling it looks like $20k/month for you.

To achieve those results, you just have to show up, and we recommend becoming a Revenue Accelerator to get our LIVE COACHING for less than $3.25 Per day.

At under $100/month, this live coaching membership program can fit inside any budget, even when you’re broke. We know, because we have paid far more than that when we were broke ourselves to get the help we needed. Our hearts 💕 will not let us do that to you. We wanted to create for you what we were seeking for ourselves.

So what do you do from here?

SHOW UP! Engage in the group. That’s all you have to do to get the “Revenue Accelerator Customer Attraction System,” a $10k course, for free, delivered in biweekly Facebook Lives. 🏆 👏

Not in our Free Facebook Group Yet? Join Today…CLICK HERE  ➡️  Community | Connections | Customers  ⬅️ 

Then, we highly recommend joining the “Revenue Accelerator Membership Program” where you will receive LIVE GROUP COACHING following up the training in the free group. Actual Live Coaching to help you get you from where you at currently, point A, to where you wanna go, point B, with a proven step by step system. 🎊

Get the answers you need for less than $3.25 per day (As of June 11th, 2020, subject to change). You will also hear our Live Coaching for other Revenue Accelerator Members. The value of this is priceless. You will learn a tremendous amount by hearing solutions for others that can then be implemented in your own business. Never underestimate the power of listening to Live Coaching for other business owners in addition to yourself.

If after reading this post you are super excited about the BRAND NEW REVENUE ACCELERATOR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM, say in the comments 👉 “I’m in” and we will send you the LINK for the “Revenue Accelerator Membership Program” (NOTE: the first 100 founding members get in for less than $2.25/day!!!).

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This is Jon and this post has been super fun. Keith and I have been working hard behind the scenes to make all of this possible for you guys. You can tell by now that I really love the water. I live close to Lake Michigan where I take most of my pictures.

Well, I have two books calling out my name, so I am about to head out to learn something of value for your business.

Before I go, I want to tell you something interesting. I’ve actually listened to both of these books through Amazon’s Audible. I’ve listened to the Storybrand a couple times and Marketing Made Simple one and a half times before I bought the actual bound copies. These are books that I am ready to study on a deeper level because I see the value for your business and for my business.

➡️ If you are wondering what a Storybrand Website is and would like to see one,➡️ then say in the comments “I Wanna See” and I will send you our website URL, and a clients website URL, both designed by Keith and I. Just comment on this post “I Wanna See.”

This is Keith and Jon, we are Christian Small Business Consultants and Digital Marketers. We live and breathe this stuff so that you don’t have to.

➡️ Be sure to say “I’m In” if you would like to be one of the original 100 founding members of the Brand New Revenue Accelerator Membership Program at less than $2.25/day❗️

🎊🎉****Consider this post our official launch for the Community | Connections | Customers free Facebook Group.

About the Author Jon Kapity

Jon Kapity is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of the seven Figure Message Maker Network for Small Business Owners and Solopreneuers. Jon’s past includes vice presidency of a two-million-dollar home maintenance and remodeling company. Owner of a profitable cleaning business. Owner of a disposal service business that experienced fast growth. Since 2011 he has been the owner of Jon Kapity Guitar Academy which experienced rapid growth year over year while having the highest tuition rates in a fifteen-mile radius and being centered in a low-income community. Jon is now the owner of Perpetual Customer Growth, a consulting firm that teaches, trains, and works with Small Business Owners about how to make more money. Jon’s passion is to help small business owners get clear on their message, create an irresistible offer, grow their revenue, scale their business, and most importantly, create systems in their business to give the gift of time, back to busy owners who miss their families. Jon is also very passionate about music and the guitar. Jon says he uses the talent God has given him to teach, train and mentor those who want to learn how to play guitar, enjoy music, and add a fun and exciting hobby (or perhaps professional talent) in their life. Jon and his wife Jen, of 21 years, have 4 boys, a female dog, and reside in Zion, IL. They attend Kenosha Bible Church, love walks on the Kenosha pier, enjoy hikes with their boys, and seek to create adventure for their family.

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