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New Customers. New Leads. A Surge of Revenue. All on Auto Pilot.

Hi, I'm Jon Kapity...I'll introduce myself in a bit, but right now I want you to think about what Apple, Dominoes, and FedEx have in common. 

Apple: 1000 songs in your pocket

FedEx: When it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight.  

Dominoes: Fresh, hot pizza, delivered to your door, in 30 minutes or less, or it's free!

Can you see it? "Marketplace Uniqueness."

Your differentiation and uniqueness in the marketplace is the only way to truly amass wealth, drive leads and customers through your doors, and reduce the number of hours you spend laboring in your service-focused small business.

If you're like me (I can be quite skeptical) you are probably wondering "How do I know these types of claims are real?" You know they are real because successful businesses all around the United States and the whole world, the best of the best: Amazon, Starbucks, Disney, Walmart, FedEx, Apple, Dominoes, Sam's Club, Aldi's, Southwest Airlines, Hilton, and countless others have all used this tried, true, and proven method to go from small business startups to world-class businesses. "Marketplace Uniqueness" has always been the common factor among successful businesses. 

If you are not doing as well as you would like, it's not your fault. The real problem is that no one taught you to promote your "winning uniqueness" to drive customers through your doors. Sure, everyone talks about the dreaded elevator pitch, but most people don't really understand how to put one together. 

"Your Marketplace Uniqueness is not an elevator or sales pitch, it's an attraction statement." You are attracting the right customers/clients, drawing them in, by stating your uniqueness in a way that says "This is for You!"

Again, the problem your facing is due to the fact your money-making uniqueness has remained somewhat hidden from the public...Until Now! 

Why? Because the gurus (so-called marketing experts) have been burying you in confusion with the constant bright shiny new objects, marketing tactics, and marketing systems being launched almost every day. News Flash! Don't try anything new until you have reliable "tried, true, and proven" marketing systems working in your business for you. Then, occasionally take a calculated risk on a new strategy. 

Stop listening to all the gurus out there who are hooking you (yes, you and I are being fished and hunted) with the "What" bait. Start noticing that very few gurus ever explain the "how" to do it. They make their money in the "how". So they may throw you some bait in the how category, giving you a taste of the how, but never fully revealing the how like actual instructions...they always leave things out on purpose. Why? To sell you on their services and products. To keep you buying from them for a long period of time before you go on to the next guru with the next amazing thing that was just released. 

I know about these gurus because they have baited me time and time again, costing me thousands upon thousands of dollars that never saw an ROI (return on investment). Do you know what that's called? An Expense. Ouch! You MUST get a return on your money for it to be considered an investment. 

I didn't catch on very quickly, those bright shiny supposedly new strategies made me drool with enthusiasm and got me every time until I almost lost one of my businesses completely, but that's a story for another time...The point is, you cannot trust these people. Look at the real proof...

"Marketplace Uniqueness ALWAYS Wins in Business."

"Marketplace Uniqueness" feels new, cutting edge, and refreshing, because very few people are talking about it. The results shoot through the roof so quickly, it feels like magic. 

Your new-found revenue generation technique of "Marketplace Uniqueness" will cause you to feel like you are in a 911 Turbo Porche going from zero to 60 in just 2.5 seconds. What would that do for you? For your business? For your family? Could it solve some current problems? Could you take a vacation or at least some time off?

WARNING! Google is taking action against us as business owners. They have decided they want more of our money. The giant is getting hungry and it's feeding time. They are changing the Algorithm daily. 

You need to act now. All your online and offline efforts (website, social media, email, snail mail, etc) need to be working in tandem to win in your niche. There are many moving pieces that must fit together like a puzzle to succeed, and they must be assembled quickly or you mise well prepare to join the ranks of the unemployed. 

Building trust is very difficult in this day and age, and you are probably having a hard time trusting me right now. Look, my prospects and I, are just like you. We are sick of Social Media domination and the next shiny bright new object that is stealing money daily from our wallets. We are fighting back by turning off the noise to focus on what really works in business. 

We are working together to propel each other forward. Our future retirement and the future of the generations we are raising, and those to come, hang in the balance of the decisions we make here and now, today. We both know now that the gurus have been stealing our retirement and our children's inheritance. 

Remind yourself once again that history has proven herself over and over again with businesses such as Disney, Apple, FedEx, McDonald's and Amazon that uniqueness and differentiation in your marketplace is the determining factor in a successful vs. unsuccessful small business. 

Your uniqueness and differentiation among your competitors is the single most important factor that generates wealth and success for small business owners. 

Now that your eyes have been opened to that buried secret, use it to your advantage as I have! Reclaim what was rightfully yours, stake your retirement claim, generate enough wealth to bless the next two to three generations, and silence (meaning unsubscribe from email lists) the thieves, I mean gurus, in your everyday life who are freely dipping their hands into your bank accounts. 

The successful companies mentioned above in this post used the exact same system and techniques in my proprietary system I call the Revenue Accelerator. They implemented my system, before my system was ever even written down on paper (and online) to create their success. I have simply assembled the winning pieces for you over the past 15 plus years. 

Stage #1 Brand: Determine your audience (one of the MOST important steps), create a message that is perfect for them, then give them an offer they simply cannot refuse. 

Stage # 2 Blueprint: Teach your customers and prospects about how to perceive your business. The perception of your brand will determine their lifetime value to your business. Repackage your services and offers to create a profit explosion, then use the Revenue Maximizer to increase the lifetime value of your customers and clients. Build frameworks and quick valueable content that attracts your ideal customers.

Stage #3  Bulletproof: Use the social media funneling strategy to draw prospects into your world. Set a recurring revenue stream in your business (Ex: Netflix-Monthly Memberships). Then create a referral and review capture system to keep the engine of your business supplied with leads and prospects for years to come. 

Here is how you can get started... 

Become a Revenue Accelerator Member for live coaching and to build out a marketing system in your business that wins in the marketplace. There are 3 stages to the Revenue Accelerator. Find out how you can get in on this amazing program for less than $2.25 per day. Follow the link below to learn how to join today. 


Remember, all successful businesses have always used this tried, true, and proven method to grow a business "Positioning" or what we also call "Marketplace Uniqueness." As long as you follow the right steps in the right order, using the Revenue Accelerator Program, you can achieve "Marketplace Uniqueness" and send your revenue generation efforts into hyperspeed. 

Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, started in his garage. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, started in a dorm.

Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald's started with one location. 

Colonel Sanders, Founder of KFC, started with a single recipe. 

On and on we could go. What do they all have in common as the foundation of their success? "Marketplace Uniqueness". Get this right, and the flood gates open for you. 

If you are still reading, then it seems to me you have one of three possible decisions. 

#1: Do nothing. Stay in your comfort zone. Continue to speak of the woes and hardship of business. Remain confused by all the bright shiny new objects the gurus are selling you. Squeak by, as usual, maybe you get lucky and do a little better than the previous year of business. 

Basically nothing changes. You work the same or harder (because there is ever-increasing competition). You hopefully bring in enough additional revenue to keep up with the rising costs, overhead, and inflation. If a miracle happens maybe you get a one-week family vacation this year. 

#2: Figure it out and do it yourself, how hard could it be? Right? 

Eight years hard! That's how long it actually took me to put all the pieces together in this system, in perfect order, with all the right steps to take at the right time. 

Oh, and it cost me over $10k in the process.

But, I did it, and so can you, if you don't mind spending $10k+ and the next 5-10 years of your life figuring all of this out on your own (not to mention about 30-40 additional hours of study per week besides running a business to learn all of these strategies).

If you are like me and willing to work harder than everyone else at about 90+ hours a week, I bet you can pull it off too. 

#3: Join the Revenue Accelerator Membership. You will learn all the pieces to creating a marketing fortress around your business. You will also get Live Group Coaching twice per month to get your questions answered and gain clarity in your business.  

We will walk this road together. You can get this done and implemented in your business in less than three months following this program. 

Ask yourself, which option is going to get me to my goal the fastest this year, with the least amount of interruption to my business?

You see, there are two types of small business owners. Those who continuously wait for the life-saving raft (that keeps floating by a couple of times per year) while they are sulking in their woes, yet they keep trying to bail themselves out of their business problems.

Then, there are those who see the opportunity before them, and their eyes are opened wide as they realize they can multiply pennies into dollars over and over again with the investment that has been placed before them. 

They realize this is the solution, they are action takers, difference makers, and problem solvers. 

These business owners know this offer is not an expense, but a low risk, high yield investment that will sustain their business for years to come. 

These business owners know they need help, and they seek the right help, at the right time, to grow their business. 

Be the boss! Take charge. This is as safe as a good risk gets. Nothing is for sure, but that's why you also have a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee you can take advantage of. Why? Because I am confident I found the right person to work for. 

You are still here. You get it. You are like me. You know in your heart that this is the best move for your business. I have been in your shoes and I know what that feeling is like. I also know how difficult it is to trust and take that final action of parting with your hard-earned money, not knowing for sure how it's all going to pan out. Click Below and join us today.