Perpetual Customer Growth
"Sharing is Caring"

What problems does your service/product solve? How are you impacting current clients and potential prospects?

We completely solve marketing for your business. We build a marketing fortress around your business (castle) to create a perpetual flow of customers, clients, and patients into your business. We do this in 3 simple steps: providing you with foundation in your message, implementing a formula for perpetual growth, and opening the floodgates of cash flow through long term growth positioned marketing strategies. Once the system is installed in front of your business you will experience peace of mind, reduced stress, the roller coaster will stop, you won’t fear market changes, you will have more time on your hands to enjoy life, your family, hobbies, and travel.

About the Author Jon Kapity

Jon Kapity is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of the seven Figure Message Maker Network for Small Business Owners and Solopreneuers. Jon’s past includes vice presidency of a two-million-dollar home maintenance and remodeling company. Owner of a profitable cleaning business. Owner of a disposal service business that experienced fast growth. Since 2011 he has been the owner of Jon Kapity Guitar Academy which experienced rapid growth year over year while having the highest tuition rates in a fifteen-mile radius and being centered in a low-income community. Jon is now the owner of Perpetual Customer Growth, a consulting firm that teaches, trains, and works with Small Business Owners about how to make more money. Jon’s passion is to help small business owners get clear on their message, create an irresistible offer, grow their revenue, scale their business, and most importantly, create systems in their business to give the gift of time, back to busy owners who miss their families. Jon is also very passionate about music and the guitar. Jon says he uses the talent God has given him to teach, train and mentor those who want to learn how to play guitar, enjoy music, and add a fun and exciting hobby (or perhaps professional talent) in their life. Jon and his wife Jen, of 21 years, have 4 boys, a female dog, and reside in Zion, IL. They attend Kenosha Bible Church, love walks on the Kenosha pier, enjoy hikes with their boys, and seek to create adventure for their family.

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